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About Us

Tyler Sneed, owner of Red River Farms is carrying on the tradition as the fourth generation of the Sneed family of farmers. He began his love of growing fruits and vegetables with his Granddaddy Ray by picking strawberries and carrying them to market as a young boy. At the age of 24, he decided to purchase a farm of his own. He found the perfect one that was central to his family's farm and was along the Red River bottom. Two years later, he diversified and expanded the farm from not only growing vegetables and fruits, but also hosting special events, weddings, fall attractions, school tours, barn sale markets, and farm to table dinners. In August 2020, Tyler established the Sunflower Festival, hosting vendors and guests from all across the United States to enjoy the flower that brings smiles to both young and old! 

Tyler married Margo in June 2015. Together they have two kids, Lucy & Lane. When you visit the farm, you are sure to see both kids helping them with all the farm related tasks and gaining plenty of hands-on experience!

Sneed Family

Photo by: Saved by Grace Photography

Red River Farms Media Day-July 2014

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